Why Choose ACEL?

There are many reasons why we think you would love our campus. Our School has small class sizes, under 25, that allow for meaningful connections between students and teachers. We are a mobile-device friendly campus. Each student is encouraged to bring their own tablet, laptop or smartphone, for teacher guided use. ACEL provides tablets or laptops on an as needed basis for qualifying students.

We offer Technology Rich Learning! Students are guided to use technology to learn and practice new skills, such as video production, Innovative Music Programs and more. Students have a wide range of opportunities to learn music and grow as a performer by offering digital music and instrumental music courses.

We also have a community involved Art Program. Student created artwork is displayed throughout the community including via ArtHop events. Students have also been commissioned for client work.

We value Creative Self Expression and Leadership. Students are encouraged to share ideas and feelings with peers and adults and to participate in school planning and problem-solving.

Civic Engagement through experience. As we are located in downtown Fresno, students are able to learn from community leaders and to participate in solving real problems. With Project Based Learning students learn academic skills and then apply them through small group projects (Inquiry/Service/Entrepreneurship/Civic Engagement)

Student-Centered Instruction. Teachers give multiple ways for students to learn the academic content and skills. We also offer College Preparation where each student develops a plan for career and college planning and preparation.

WASC Accredited


If you are interested in registering, or would like more info, please send us an email through our contact form below. 

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