A Brighter Future Film Festival

“Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife.” John Dewey

Are schools preparing students to analyze and solve the complex problems that challenge their generation? Are students learning to appreciate the rights of U.S. citizenship, along with the responsibility to honor civic obligations and to serve their country and community? There is a hidden treasure in Fresno, with innovative education that transforms the lives of teens and contributes valuable services to our community. A public charter school, the Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACEL) is one of 13 high schools in the state to earn the Civic Learning Award of Distinction, the first in Fresno County.

ACEL leaders challenge students in Fresno County to learn about how the water system works, to analyze the causes and impacts of the water crisis, and to discover innovations and potential solutions to the crisis. They created the Brighter Future Film Festival, with a Fresno premiere in May, 2015. These young leaders are guiding their peers to understand and address a critical issue facing their generation and to produce short films about this. Rather than apathy or anger, ACEL students choose to engage in a community service project to contribute to a brighter future.

The 120 students and 12 staff at the Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership would be very grateful if you support this civic learning project. Film Festival publicity, prizes, venue, equipment, refreshments, etc. will cost $7,000. The ACEL Board and students have already raised $2,000. Donations of $1,000 or more are recognized as sponsors on the Film Festival publicity and each video shown at the Film Festival Premiere in May. Donations of any amount are gratefully welcomed.

Contact John Minkler, ACEL Project Coordinator: jminkler@acelfresno.org (559) 907-9534.

If you wish to donate, please navigate to our donate page by clicking -> here.

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