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A Brighter Future Film Festival

“Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife.” John Dewey 

3 Are schools preparing students to analyze and solve the complex problems that challenge their generation? Are students learning to appreciate the rights of U.S. citizenship, along with the responsibility to honor civic obligations and to serve their country and community? There

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Acel to be Recognized at the Reagan Library!

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Fresno's ACEL Charter School Selected to Receive Civic Learning Award of Distinction

Fresno, Ca. (September 11, 2015) Students and staff from the Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACEL) will travel to the Reagan Library to be recognized for exemplary civic learning and service in Fresno. The ACEL Charter School was selected to receive the

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Checkout what we offer after school!

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We offer many after school programs that students can choose to participate in. Check out all the programs that we offer below. You can print or email this page for your record, too!


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Why Choose ACEL?

students There are many reasons why we think you would love our campus. Our School has small class sizes, under 25, that allow for meaningful connections between students and teachers. We are a mobile-device friendly campus. Each student is encouraged to bring their own tablet, laptop or smartphone, for teacher guided use. ACEL provides tablets or laptops on an as

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